Build-A-Base Minesweeper Arcade Machine

Stadia Name: Vilva#9953
Contributors: none
Package Name: Minesweeper Arcade Machine
Package Description: An Arcade Machine that lets you play Minesweeper and compete for the fastest times!
Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions

  • Place the MinesweeperGameUser Template under your User template.

  • Place 1 or more MinesweeperArcadeMachine Templates in your game
    ** The whole game runs in the client, so multiple people can play at the same time

  • Optional: Place the MinesweeperLeaderboards Template in your game
    ** To make it work add 3 new leaderboards under the Game tab:
    *** minesweeper-beginner, minesweeper-intermediate, minesweeper-expert
    **** Ordering: Low is better
    **** Score Type: Seconds

This Package supports the following XP-Events and Challenge-Events for clearing the game. If you want to use them in your game simply add them to your game settings:

  • minesweeper-beginner
  • minesweeper-intermediate
  • minesweeper-expert

How to Play
The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden bombs without detonating any of them, with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines in each field.

Walk to the machine and press Interact (Default: E)

  • Left Click to uncover a field.
  • Ability Extra 2 (Default: Q) to Toggle Flag Mode. In Flag Mode you can set Flags, to remind you where mines are located.

Credits & special thanks

  • Trigger alert: “NUI - Location” Package by Nomaki