Build-A-Base - Neon City: Mega Pack & X1 Interactive Systems

This is a long thread, as there is a lot of features to go over, each feature will be a post on this thread that I will link here.

Stadia/EGS Name: Sovereign Games
Contributors: Wes, Slater, KarolinaR, Pengy
Package Names:

Package Description: The Neon City mega pack contains a starter kit for many different things you might need to build your own Cyberpunk-style city. For the full details of the contents, please see the link to each package.
Share link: Coming soon

Installation instructions
For all building or basic packages, you just need to install the package and drag the templates into your world - for script packages, see the post for detailed instructions
Note The script packages are based on TheDeveloper’s X1 package. All scripts (except the holographic display scripts) require X1 to be installed.

See package post for images/videos

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Created By – KarolinaR

Community Package Name/s – Neon City Night Club, Neon City Hospital, Neon City Shop

Description -
A pack of 3 beautiful futuristic-style buildings great for building futuristic styled shooters/RPGs/Tycoons/Collection or just simply scenery.

  • Night club with working elevator to grant access to all levels within the party zone
  • Hospital for all those health needs whether in a shooting game or RPG
  • Shop for buying or selling things you may have collected or found in an open world environment

How to use -

  • Open the Community tab
  • Enter the package name/s
  • Install directly into the templates tab
  • Drag from the templates tab either directly into the world or directly onto the tree

Package Name: Neon City - Night Club
(Requires X1 Interactive Systems for the elevator and lights)

Package Name: Neon City - Hospital

Package Name: Neon City - Shops

Package Name: Neon City - Courthouse:

Package Name: Neon City - Police Station:

Package Name: Neon City - Apartment Block:

These systems are my approach to enabling non-coders to get access to the Crayta API via the X1 package. With these systems, you can create your own fully interactive world - animations, moves, rotates, teleporting, spawning/despawning, and much more all made available via config scripts designed with consistency and flexibility at the focus. All events and states can trigger any of the other events or states.


  • DayNight system allows you to trigger any of these events at certain times of in-game time (such as turning lights on/off).
  • Holographic Display widgets - templates for both text and images with a glitchy animation effect.
  • Interactive Objects - Example objects built using these systems (no-code!)

All systems have been designed to work together fully, but also independently - you can install just animations if you do not need the others.

Package Name: X1 System - Save
Save values to users - with built in support for leaderboards and challenge/activities

Package Name: X1 System - Interact (requires SaveData)
Extended Interact functions - works with SaveData to allow you to add required save entries, and cost for save entries, or Inventory package item templates.


Package Name: X1 System - MeshAnimations
Highly configurable mesh animation ‘keyframes’ - can be chained together to create advanced animations

Package Name: X1 System - MoveRotate
Highly configurable move and rotate ‘keyframes’ - can be chained together to create advanced movements

Package Name: X1 System - EntityStates
Highly configurable entity states (visible/active/collision) - can be chained together to create advanced sequences

Package Name: X1 System - DayNight
The DayNight system allows you to trigger events at certain times of the in-game day/night

Package Name: X1 System - UserPlayer
Used to trigger various user or player functions, such as spawn/despawn, set camera, teleport, etc.

Video contains (in order of interacted)

  1. Interact event to use UserPlayer to despawn the user, then set their camera to one elsewhere, then after 10 seconds respawn the user
  2. Vending Machine that costs 10 currency from the Inventory Package
  3. ATM machine that requires a “Bank Card” item, and gives currency
  4. Dumpster using MeshAnimations to open and close after a delay
  5. Stage Light using EntityStages to show a light, play an effect, and play a sound. After a few seconds, the light turns off with a different sound.

Other objects in the video:

  1. Street Lights that use the EntityStates and DayNight systems to turn on and off at the in-game sunrise/sunset. Also a variation on one light to flicker.
  2. Holographic Display Widget Image - The one in the background that says “Sovereign Games” is a cyberpunk-style glitchy hologram widget. with advanced support for configuration.
  3. Police Barrier - Holographic Display Widget Text, the police barrier widget uses plain text - editable in script properties.

Quick-start Installation:

  • Install
  • Setup
    • Adding X1
    • Remove default User and Player templates
    • Adding Spawn locator to the UserPlayer System
    • Adding Objects



Install the “Interactive Systems Pack” to install all linked packages used for interact objects in the Neon City Showcase


Installing systems currently requires more setup than I’d like, I’ll be updating to simplify this and make it friendlier to import into existing games.

Under Templates you will find 2 X1 templates, you need to drag the one from the Neon City package to use our objects. You can hover over the template to see which package it is from.

Adding X1

Drag this template into your world - you can verify it is the right template by the systems on it.


Remove default User and Player templates

Search Templates for “User”, and “Player” - there is 2 of each, please delete the one not from Neon City package to avoid confusion in the future.


Adding Spawn locator to the UserPlayer System

Drag your spawnLocation locator onto X1 > Systems > UserPlayer > Spawn > User Spawn Locator

Adding Objects

Search templates for objects to view the full list of premade objects, you can use these as examples to set up your own interactive objects with zero code!

A detailed guide to each system and full configuration overview will be published soon!

Created By - Sovereign Games

Community Package Name - Neon City Hub - HQ - Map (102 Entities)

Description - This is a mega structure that consists of

  • 7 large Areas
  • over 30 Offices
  • Transport HQ with 3 floors of office space
  • A lower business zone with many offices and floors
  • Huge open spaces between zones
  • Look out windows on the mid levels
  • Finally all the way to the top you have another 3 floors of offices, ready set up for decoration
  • Easy add game modes
  • Also included is the exterior (Outside) Decorations and the Rooftops (Accessible via the top floor)

This Package consist of ONLY 102 ENTITES

Instructions for use

  • Open the community tab
  • Type in the package name Neon City HQ - Hub -Map
  • Install package
  • Drag from templates Tab directly onto the main terrain in the world tree
  • Locator is positioned in the center, placing directly into the tree will position this at 0,0,0

Currently is linked to the X1 package and (Wes Submission) for the Glitch Billboard sign

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