Build a base - Secret Island Base Package

Game : Crayta
Contributors : TaKo#1513
Package Name : Secret Island Base Package.
Description : A basic showcase of a package I made for the Build Jam 10/2021 Build-A-Base.
You can use Photo mode(“P”) to travel around more freely. Packages Used in
this package and showcase - Door [Crayta] - Probably made by Russ and/or
Category : ART

In this corner of the showcase, we have Triangle panels. The progressions towards realizing I needed a equilateral triangle or very close to one. Can be used for anything like an underwater dome. I hope to include another showcase that may not make the deadline.

The next part of the showcase is the nailHead part of the base. It’s a beach house! comes with it’s own secret bridgeway to a vestibule room. Interact with the ancient book on the shelf to open the hatch!

This is the vestibule room. A holding area, maybe, before transporting to the main base.

Here is The main part of the base. showcasing the base inside of the dome and outside of the dome. The Dome was made with the equilateral panel. There are a total of 20 panels used to make this dome. In the package it shows 20 separate panels. The reason is that each panel has 2 edges that are attached and are separate from the edges from the other panels included. When altering a panel the other panels used that are not duplicate/copy of the panel will not change at the same time.

I hope to include another showcase that appears at the top of this guide. I will make that a package also, regardless. Removing water voxels is almost like a dot matrix printer. Hopefully it will be complete by the due date! :joy: