Build a base - The Calamari Game Box (CBx)

Stadia/EGS Name: Daystiny#1423
Contributors: All by myself
Package Name: The Calamari Game Box (CBx)
Package Description: This is a package that helps the creation of lobbies that work in a similar way as in the popular Korean streaming series with the english name of the animal this box is named after :wink: The lobbies you create with this can make use of the following features:

  • Games with the Calamari Game Box are suitable with up to 16 players
  • A lobby building that looks close to the streaming show
  • The lobby can be configured for one game or as many games as you like
  • Game rounds can be configured to be player chosen or game selected
  • Different players can play different games at the same time
  • Forced participation in game rounds: players that don’t join are killed!
  • Fake NPCs to use in your games (optional)
  • The last surviving player across all games wins big! (optional)
  • Forced participation can be triggered if a minimum amount of players is reached (optional)
  • Lobby redecoration based on how many players are still alive (optional)
  • Movie UI following the BBC rules for subtitles (optional)

The lobby functions provided with this package can be combined with the standard Crayta game templates and packages (well, all lobby based ones at least), but you can use the Calamari lobby also in empty game templates.

You can use the Movie UI included with this package or the standard Crayta packages for Notifications and Prompts within the lobby

Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions
Install within a Crayta game script/template:

  • click on gameController in the World entities
  • enable Always Do Lobby
  • set Min Players to 99
  • memorize the value of hasTeams
  • add CBxUser to User
  • configure if using Crayta Notifications and Prompts
  • click on the Game folder of the User
  • remove the bindings for OnLobbyStart and OnLobbyEnd
  • if Calamri Box should run in forced mode then remove this binding for OnResultsStart:
    Spawn / spawnUserScript / Despawn (Need to know which player was alive at the end of the game)
  • add CBxPlayer to Player
  • add CBxLobby Script template
  • set Spawning to false, because gameScript will control it
  • add CBxGameDoor template or add the Cbx Calamari Game Box Lobby and click on one cBxGameStarter
  • set Min Players to your original Min Players from gameController
  • set isCrayta to true (that is needed to end the Crayta Lobby)
  • set hasTeams to your memorized hasTeams value from gameController
  • configure gameController onResultsEnd to cBxGameStarter / cBxGameScript / EndGame
  • launch the Preview and have fun!

Install the Red Light - Green Light sample game package (optional)

  • Go to Community tab and install “Calamari Game Box (CBx) Red Light Green Light Sample Game”
  • Drag the Red Light Green Light Game to your map so it is behind one of the cBxGameStarter doors of the lobby
  • Add RedLightGreenLightPlayer folder to the Player
  • Connect the redLightGreenLightGame1 OnGameEnd event with cBxGameStarter / CBxGameScript / EndGame
  • Connect the cBxGameStarter OnPlayersIn with redLightGreenLightGame1 / redLightGreenLightGameScript / PlayersIn
  • Configure the name of the game on cBxGameStarter and start the Preview and have fun!
    The game is a sample game but fully functional. Feel free to adapt the logic to other games

There is an additional Calamari package, the Calamari Colored Stairs, that can also be used completely without the Game Box package, it is only mesh and templates.


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