Build-A-Base Tower Defense with Pathfinding

Stadia Name: Vilva#9953
Contributors: none
Package Name: Tower Defense with Pathfinding
Package Description: The aim of this package is to provide every system needed to build a Tower Defense game. Features:

  • Place Towers in a grid with adjustable size.
  • Spawn enemies, that use grid pathfinding to move to the target.
  • Towers shoot projectiles, that follow and damage the nearest enemy.
  • Range indicator for towers, that only shows if you look at them.
  • Selecting different towers to build via inventory.
  • Base building which is damaged by enemies.
  • HP bars for enemies and base building.
  • Wave system: Spawn enemies in waves, configure waves in script parameters.
  • Currency system: Building Towers has a cost, killing enemies rewards currency.
  • Sounds / Effects + Challenge / XP-Events for building towers and destroying enemies.

Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions

  • Place the “TDPlayerTemplates” template under your Player template.
  • Place the “TDUserTemplates” template under your User template.
  • Place the “TDWorldTemplates” in your game world.

How to Play

  • Left-Click on an empty grid space to place a tower!
  • Towers cost currency, killing enemies rewards currency.
  • Look at a tower to view its range.
  • Towers shoot projectiles at the nearest enemy.
  • Prevent enemies from reaching your base building!

How to use Challenge / XP-Events
Simply add those to your Game settings

  • enemy-destroyed, enemy-destroyed-xp
  • tower-placed, tower-placed-xp

How to customize

  • TDConfig - Most stuff is configured here.
  • TDEnemyRobot - If you want different enemies, clone this template and adjust the properties.
  • TDTowerShortRange - If you want different towers, clone this template and adjust the properties.
    ** You might also need to adjust the UI item template: TDTowerItemShortRange
  • If you want to change the grid layout, look at “README - Pathfinding”. Then adjust the TDGridManager properties and make sure that the grid size is big enough and there is a valid path.

Credits & special thanks

  • Pathfinding based on “Pathfinding” by AdamO_Crayta
  • Tower Placement based on “Player Object Spawner” by Cereal
  • Health bars based on “NUI - Entity Health Bar” by Nomaki
  • Tower range indicator based on “LightRangeIndicator” by Mochi

Questions, feedback or feature requests?
Please ask in Discord - Vilva#5980