Build-A-Base Treetop (DryCereal)

Stadia/EGS Name: DryCoast
Contributors: DryCoast, Cereal
Package Name: Build-A-Base Treetop (DryCereal)
Package Description: A fully decorated tree top village with 9 stackable, mix and match components
Share link: Crayta

The treetop build-a-base package provides templates to create treehouse style bases, inspired by urban decay and grove style tree cities, the package contains a number of tree-bound buildings, including ziplines, elevators, and bounce pads for horizontal and vertical traversal.

DryCereal Crayta Build-A-Base Jam Submission - YouTube

Installation instructions

In the community tab in Crayta, install the “Build-A-Base Treetop (DryCereal)” package.

Package Contents:

  • 3x Tree bottoms
  • 3x Tree middles
  • 3x Tree tops
  • 2x Rope Elevators
  • Rope Zipline
  • Rope Path utility
  • Springboard
  • Rope Cable Car
  • Lore book Interactable
  • 4x illuminated plants
  • Interior Tunnel Cap



Rope Elevator

The rope elevator is a single package that can be drag and dropped into the world. To configure the elevator, position the root Elevator so that it lines up with a floor of your treehouse.

Next, position the ElevatorEnd Up or Down to position it on top of the floor you want to travel to

The elevator template will automagically create a rope between the elevator and the elevator end, and will travel automatically between the two floors.

Rope Zipline

The rope zipline is a single package that can be drag and dropped into the world. To configure the zipline, position the root zipline where you want the zipline to start.

Next, position the ZiplineEnd locator to where you want the zipline to end.

When running the game, the ziplines will automatically connect. A user can approach a zipline and press “E” to use.

The speed of the zipline travel can be defined by the Speed property of the zipline. Additionally, you can enable going up the zipline by checking off the “Can Go Backwards” property. This is useful for almost-flat ziplines that you might want to use as a horizontal mode of transportation (or maybe you just want the player to be able to go up).

Ropes will automatically spawn between the two points, and the platform will move between the start and end repeatedly when you preview.

The rope path is used with the zipline, cablecar, and elevator.

The springboard is super easy. Plop it on the ground, and anyone that jumps on it will be thrown in the general direction it’s pointing.

The strength of the throw can be customized on the springboard properties.

The cablecar is a single package that can be drag and dropped into the world. To configure the cablecar, position the cablecar so that the platform lines up with whatever floor you want it to line up with.

Next, move the cablecarEnd locator to where you want the cablecar to move to.

Ropes will automatically spawn between the two points, and the platform will move between the start and end repeatedly when you preview.

Interior Elevator
The interior elevator is automatically placed along with any of the Top Tree templates. The Interior elevator travels between it’s starting position, and the ground. The position it travels to can be customized in the properties pane, and operates the same way the Elevator does.

By default, the elevator will travel between it’s placement, and z-index. You should customize this to reflect the lowest Z point in your tree. For example, if you place Middle Bedroom on top of BottomTrunk1-Centered, your lowest z position should be around 2825.

Alternatively, you can place the Interior Tunnel Cap at the lowest floor, flip it over, change the interior elevator “End Location Type” to “Entity”, and indicate the cap is the lowest point.



All of the tree rooms come decorated. To remove decorations, delete the “Decorations” locator once the template is placed.

Tree Bottoms

Tree Middles



Recreation Room

Tree Tops

Water Filtration System



Rope Path
Primarily a utility used throughout the package, the Rope Path template allows you to define a dynamic, automatically growing/positioning rope between any number of points in the game world.

Simple drag the rope path template on to the world, and select which entities to draw the rope between:

By checking the “Complete Path” property, the rope will create a circuit, connecting the last entity to the first entity.

By checking the “Update” property, the rope will dynamically resize and re-position itself to conform to any moving parts.

Lore Book
The lore book is a small interactable object you can place around your world.

To use the lore book, add the User Lorebook Template to the User. Next, place the lore book template in the world and fill in the properties ID, Header, and Text.

The lore book will fire off the “find-lore-book” XP Event once per day, per book, resetting at midnight. the ID property is used to distinguish which lore books have been read each day. To fire the “find-lore-book” XP Event every time the user interacts with the book, turn off the “daily” property on the placed lore book.

Interior Tunnel Cap
Place this 9x9 block inside the interior core of a tree so players don’t jump down the bottom of the tree.

You can also flip this upside down and use it as the bottom indicator for the interior elevators, instead of the z-position


4 types of illuminated plants are available