Build Jam - ‘Dungeon Master’ - Dungeon Generator

Stadia Name: Vilva#9953
Contributors: madlios
Blueprint Name: ProceduralDungeon - BuildJam
Blueprint Description: This blueprint contains two Worlds with the following content:


  • A collection of parts to build a Diablo-like Dungeon. Includes objects for decoration and customization. We also included some ready-made dungeon rooms.


  • This is the showcase game that you can playtest. Includes the “Dungeon Generator” package to randomly generate a dungeon from the room templates.
  • We didn’t have time to make use of the “DungeonObject” spawn points. For examples how to use those, take a look at the “DungeonRoom” templates, which are directly included in the package.

Package Info
We put our Dungeon meshes into a separate blueprint, so that the package can be used with your own assets. This also keeps the package slim and loading times low (for games that import the package).

“Dungeon Generator” Package Guide: