Build Jam: Dungeon Master Game Mode

"Dungeon Master Game" Blueprint

Create your own Dungeon Master Game:

Every User gets their own copy of the dungeon you created. Dungeon Masters can place traps and power ups you give them throughout their dungeon. Once they are ready, they can open the dungeon for other players to join and host them through the experience.


To get started, select the Dungeon Master Game Blueprint or use the Dungeon Master Game Mode Package.

Lobby: The main entry point for the dungeon should be a social space apart from the main dungeon. Just set the main Spawn Point in the UserSpawn script to a locator here as well as in the UserDungeonController's Lobby Locator.

Dungeon: The main Dungeon should all be hosted in the same Entity on the map. Each user will get their own copy of this dungeon if they go to their dungeon. After preparing their dungeon, they can open it up for other players to join.
They will also be able to control the environment when guiding the players through their dungeon.


Dungeon Master
Most setup can be done in the UserDungeonMasterGame → UserDungeonMaster Script folder. The most important thing to setup is the Dungeon World Entity to the World entity that you want to be the actual dungeon. This will be replicated for every user that creates their own dungeon.

Also setup the available Drops in the Available Traps Array. These need to be Templates and they will be made available to dungeon masters. You can also adjust the buttons for the dungeon master controls here.

Create your dungeon on the Dungeon Enity you specified. Use
You can place the Controllable Script on entities you want to allow the Dungeon Master to control. Give it a tool tip and assign an event that should be fired if the DM interacts with the Entity. There are many ways to react on interaction, from Events to Script Calls and animations to play.


Every user starts in the Lobby. By pressing the Dungeons Control Button (default Extra3) they can either join an open dungeon or go to their own.
If they are in their own dungeon they are the Dungeon Master. They can Place the objects you specified and control the environment in the way you specified.

If they are happy with the placement of their traps (placement is saved throughout sessions), they can open their dungeon and invite others to their dungeon to face the challenges they came up with!

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