BUILD JAM - Dungeon Starter Pack Blueprint (SylGames)


Showcase: Crayta
Packages: Dungeon Generator (IceVAN)
BUILD JAM - Dungeon Starter Pack (SylGames)
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Table of Content:
1 - Description
2 - Installation Guide
3 - Modular Structures
4 - Procedural Dungeons
5 - Checkpoints
6 - Damage Triggers
7 - Inventory
8 - Classes
9 - Health and Mana
10 - Weapons
11 - Shop
12 - Room enemies
13 - Extra

1 – Description

Dungeon Starter Pack is a blueprint with the tools and utilities you need to create dungeons.
From modular to procedural rooms to a themed inventory, all the content is created with the aim of makingitas comfortable as possible for you. We take care of the technical side so that you can enjoy creating the games you want.

2 – Installation Guide

Every “module” has its own functionality so they are not dependent on each other.
However, in order to avoid future problems, it is advisable to add at least one “Game Manager”
entity to the world with the script spawnPointsHandlerScript attached with a list of spawn
points assigned.
A checkpoint must also be added to each spawn point.

3 – Modular Structures

There are more than 60 structures to choose from, all of which are modular to fit together.
They are also available as a stand-alone package, which you can find in the “Community” tab
under the name: Dungeon Starter Pack (Syl Games).

This package only includes the structures with their respective decorations, lighting and
scripts needed to make them move (in the case of the lifts), but not the rest of the tools
and utilities that can be found in the Blueprint: Dungeon Starter Pack.

No matter where you download these structures from, they all work out of the box without the need
for customization. The only structures that may require adjustments are the modular lifts,
which have to be adjusted according to the distance they have to move.

The lifts can be adjusted using the rotateAndMoveScript script which should be in the mobile platform.
If the changes do not take effect or they cannot be moved you may need to uncheck the “Simulate” box on the entity.
Check it again to preview its movement and check that it works correctly.

4 – Procedural Dungeons

Dungeon Starter Pack also includes a procedural dungeon generator created for this project,
but which can also be installed separately under the name: Dungeon Generator (IceVAN) It was made for this project.

The package has its own documentation, but here’s a little summary of what you can find:
- Procedural dungeon generation
- Dungeon customization (room size & height, amount of rooms and diferrent types of rooms and corridors)
- Spawn point for spawn objets, enemies, etc. procedurally

5 – Checkpoints

The checkpoint are tiggers witch save the position to spawn the player when the player dies.
You only need to add the checkpoint template to be able to use it and select the area where you want
to save the last position where the player has passed through to respawn.

6 – Damage Triggers (Russ)

With this trigger you will be able to select areas where the player will receive damage when passing through (perfect for death traps).

7 – Inventory (Daigoro and Vilva)

We have used the Daigoro and Vilva inventories as a base and added new functionalities and a more Dragons and Dungeons look and feel.
The inventory keeps track of items purchased or equipped by the player (food, potions, weapons…).

8 – Classes

We have created a class system so that the player can choose their preferred play style, it is a modular system so that it can be modified and replicated as the dungeon master wishes to create.
Each player has his own inventory so that class-specific items can be equipped.
We have added NUI - XP and Levelling package from Nomaki to keep track of player level and experience.

9 – Health and Mana

We have implemented a life and mana system that equipable items can access.
For example the wand uses mana when using spells.
By default, life and mana recharge only automatically while players are not in combat, although it is customisable.

10 – Weapons

The weapon system we have is compatible with that of Crayta. Example: rocket launcher, magic staff and wand

11 – Shop

We have implemented the shop with items that the player can sell or buy to earn more money to buy cosmetics.

12 – Room enemies

We have created a system to link enemies to specific rooms so that they appear when the player
enters the room and disappear when the player leaves.
Template> “Room with Enemy Test”.

13 – Extra

We have added some extra scripts while developing the project, such as a script that destroys certain entities after a certain period of time.
LifeSpanScript - Destroy entity after x seconds.
AttachToScript - Link the entity to a player.



  • AsTiger134
  • Denior
  • IceVAN
  • Jusgoat
  • Unairf
  • Verruckt

Packages Community:
AdamO - Simple Sign
Daigoro - A real inventory package
Nomaki - NUI - XP and Levelling
Russ - Damage Trigger
Unit 2 Games - Shop, Inventory, Auto-Save, Rocket Launcher, Gun, Crosshair, Rotate And Move
Vilva - Cosmetics Item Shop

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Well done guys! Great elaborate package! Is the wand / spell (damage) mechanic available separately as well? :smiley: