Build Jam "Dungeon we came from" - blueprint for a game with lore

Name: Techniqueue
Blueprint Name: Dungeon we came from
Blueprint Description: This blueprint contains dungeon location for game with lore behind it.

Project contains:

  • Big dungeon to explore
  • Tavern that represents some social space
  • Lore part

This is game about first ever man - Adam. You can see his way and see how humanity was born.
Tavern represents purgatory. There many dead bodies, because they decided it is better to die than go all the way to the end of the dungeon.

Details and help to create your unique story:
Windows in the tavern almost everywhere, but they all in front of walls, because no matter how strong people’s will to see anything in there, they know where they are and that there is nothing outside.

Apple’s is just a reference for Adam and forbidden fruit.

Empty bottles is a sign of despair.

In lava section there is grave with hand that holds rotten apple that symbolizes struggle and that not everyone can make it.

Crib with big apple inside shows that Adam made it and humanity was born, since we are all results of forbidden fruit.