[Build Jam] Modular Medieval Bridge (Fixed)

Package: "Modular Medieval Bridge (Fixed)"
Author: royalstove (EGS)



Description: Customize a medieval bridge of any length with 3 modular segments: an elevated arch, a support section, and a guard tower.

I ended up straying a little further from the “dungeon” theme than I initially planned, but the result is something which should be able to be incorporated into any suitable fantasy-adventure style game, including a dungeon if desired (the tower segment as the dungeon entrance? a short section of bridge segments across an underground lava lake?).

Installation Instructions: Use the one labeled “Fixed”. No setup required - just mix and match the 3 templates: “BridgeArch”, “BridgeSupport”, and “Tower”. I didn’t have time to clean up the fixed version of the package, so there are 2 instances of “Tower” - one of them is the old broken version which very obviously has a bunch of extra terrain stuck to it, so just use the other one.

For realistic bridge building, alternate between BridgeArch and BridgeSupport, with a Tower occasionally replacing one of the BridgeSupport segments.