Build Jam Treasure Hunt - Dash and Stash Blueprint

This is a blueprint for a game type I am calling Dash and Stash.

Submission Page:

Detailed Page:

This game has two phases. The first phase players are given 5 stashes (treasures by default) to hide around the map. During the second phase, you must find your opponent’s stashes. For every stash that remains hidden for 5 seconds, you are awarded a point. Well hidden stashes can earn you a lot of points. This is the base game blueprint.

However, this game type can be mixed and matched with genres or played as a competitive collection game. For example, you can turn this blueprint into a shooter where you must defend your stashes or maybe even an Obby where you can hide your stashes in hard to reach areas to earn you the most points. You can add traps or death obstacles to prevent players from getting to your stashes. Events are hooked up into the treasureHuntController to plug in as many events as you would like to customize your game how you would like for each stage of the phases.

This is a BETA release and may need testing/updates after the jam.

To change the treasure hunt settings, navigate to the treasurehuntGameController in the world tree.

From here you can modify how long the phases should last and what sounds to play when each phase starts.

There are also 4 events to hook into which are the start and ends of each phase. You can use these to possibly activate traps, open/close doors, spawn/unspawn npcs or other entities etc to customize your game.

Under the player_Treasure template. This is the player type that is used to drop treasures in phase one. There are a number of customizable options shown below.

Time to Hold - How long a player must hold down the button to drop a treasure (this helps avoiding accidental drops)
Amount Of Treasures - How many treasures the player has to drop in phase one.
Distance Required Between Treasures - This setting forces a minimum distance between the treasures you drop. This keeps players from dropping all of their chests into the best or hardest to reach area.
Placing Treasure Button - Change which key to hold to drop a treasure.
Cannot Place Sound - The sound played when a player cannot drop a treasure in that location. (due to it being too close to others)

On the TreasureDropTemplate, this is the template that is used as a treasure that players place into the world.

The customizable options here are:
Icon - Drag and drop a different icon if you wish to change in the UI.
Found Sound - The sound that fires when a player finds a stash
Found Effect - The effect that plays when a player finds a stash
Mesh - The mesh that is used to represent the stash