Camera Editor Torchlight

Camera Editor Torchlight

The camera editor could be “equiped” by a torchlight option with a shortcut like “L” so we could have a light to work in a dark/night environement

What’s the point when you can set the hour of the day so yo ucan light up your level

  • Being able to change the hour is great but it’s time consumming to go on the world tab to change light settings.
  • Sometimes, it’s good to have the possibility to work directly in the mood of your game. As you are directly affected by the environement, you can place things with precision. So the light, which would be like a torchlight effect could just give the “enough” light needed to see what we do.

Plus our camera editor is a drone ! A drone has a torchlight (at least Crayta’s drone has).

Or at least having this shortcut to enable/disable fastly the “Override World Settings” on the world tab !

Thank you if yo uadd this feature !

There’s a toggle in the world tab called “Override World Settings” that will remove world customizations so you can see.

you might be able to build what you want.

Yeah I know that but it’s still time consuming to always have to go on the world tab. At least a shortcut for this option could also be great instead of a torchligt !