Camera Pan System

This is a package that allows you to show all users of the games a series of cameras with transitions. Ideally this can be used to show users the level/play area at the beginning of a round but could also be used as a simple cut-scene.


  1. Go to the community tab in the editor and search for “Camera Pan System”
  2. Install the package
  3. Drag the cameraController template into the world

Using the package
To use this package you’ll need to place an instance of the cameraController into the world. This will give you an entity to bind into events with to trigger the camera pan. For example, if you’re using the stock gameScript you can drag the cameraController instance into the OnRoundStart event and hook it into the RunTransition event.

This will run through the camera configured in the cameraController entity for every user when the round starts.

Configuring Cameras
In order to configure the camera you’ll need to position the camera primitives in world and then add them to the cameras array. You can then also provide a transition time which will determine how long it takes to reach this camera in the cameraTransitions array. If you want to snap to a camera then enter 0 here.

The other properties are…

  • transitionBackToPlayer number = the time it takes to go back to the player (if there is one) at the end of the sequence
  • lockPlayerInput boolean = will prevent the player from moving/interacting etc while the camera sequence is running

As always, feedback, issues and questions can be dropped either here or on Discord (

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