Camera Trigger

Camera Trigger
This package gives you a trigger entity that you can place into your world that, on entry or interaction, will show the player a specified camera with the controls to return to the player when they’re ready.


  1. Open the community tab and search “Camera Trigger”
  2. Install the package
  3. Drag the UserCameraControl script folder onto the User template
  4. Drag an instance of the CameraTrigger template into the world
  5. Search “Prompts” and install that (assuming it isn’t already installed). Drag the User Prompts View script folder onto the User template.
  6. Preview and see that when you run into the trigger you get a new camera and prompt to return to the player

There are a number of proeprties to help configure the behaviour of the trigger.


  • cameraEntity = the camera the player(s) will be sent to
  • isInteractable = can the trigger be interacted with (ensure interactable is ticked also in the trigger properties
  • isOntriggerEnter = will the trigger work on entry
  • shouldFreezePlayer = should the player be able to move while in the camera
  • transitionToCameraTime = the time it takes to reach the new camera
  • transitionToPlayerTime = the time it takes to reach the players camera again
  • setCameraForAllUsers = should all users go to the camera on any player triggering the camera change


  • cameraExitButton = the button the player needs to press to return to their player
  • cameraExitPrompt = the message that appears for the prompt

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