Camera type and character speed issues


If you modify the character speedMultiplier and set it to 0, change the cameraType to 2 and then revert both properties to:

  • speedMultiplier = 1.0
  • cameraType = 1

The camera is not on the same place as it was before. Looks like a mix of action and orbit camera.

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Hello Wude,

I followed these steps and the camera transitioned to the described parameters. Can you provide any other details that might help me reproduce this state?

Hello @QA_Mike,

Sorry, forgot to add into the description that it happens when you make use of OnCrouch and OnStand.

  • speedMultiplier = 0
  • cameraType = 2


  • speedMultiplier = 1.0
  • cameraType = 1

Aha, I’m now seeing the behavior you’re describing.

When the cameraType is set back to action in OnStand, it retains the default cameraDistance value that is set when the cameraType is changed to Orbit. Currently the only way to fix the camera distance for action cameras is to change the camera zoom level (bound to page up/down or the stadia elipsis button by default).

I have raised this issue with the team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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