CanBeMantled behaving incorrecly

I’m making a game where certain objects are set to CanBeMantled. When I run and jump to these objects, the first time hitting them the player will almost always not mantle them, but the player will mantle the objects (meshes or voxelmeshes) on a second attempt:

It also doesn’t matter if I run or walk into the mesh. The result is about 90% of the times the same. It won’t mantle the first attempt, it will the second.

How did you enable manteling on them? Is the property enabled or do you enable it via coding?

Yeah as you can see, when you jump on it a second time, it does mantle.
I figured it out though and it was a pretty strange bug. I’m using orbit camera and when you do, some motion and movement is handled a bit differently than on action camera. I changed the camera by 1 degree and now it mantles everytime. So apparantly this isn’t a bug. Issue solved