Cannon goal 1.1

A new game by Syl Games for the Simplicity Game Jam (2022).

Ahoy, pirates!
Welcome to a new adventure where you will have to compete for the title of best pirate o’ the 7 seas. Arrrr!

HTP (1)

  • Play 3 vs 3 matches, you can be the RED TEAM or the BLUE TEAM
  • Each round lasts 3 minutes so don’t waste your time
  • Score as many goals as possible before time runs out
  • In case you need some help there are some power ups that may help you.
  • Beware the Kraken, landlubbers!




You are a plate that can be controlled only with two buttons:

  • LEFT and RIGHT (A & D, / Left joystick)
  • SHOOT (Space / A button)

    Yes, you hear it right! You just need these controls to play the game. The plate will move forward by itself!



  • SPEED - Gain more speed, this power-up is very useful for attack and defense but your ball control could be a little bit… out o’ control.


  • BULLET - KILL OTHER PLAYERS! I mean, shoot other players! Shooting the bullet and hitting other players (including the players on your team) will make them a CC effect that stop their movement. Shiver me timbers!


  • SIZE - Is this a power-up? Is it even useful? Well… just eat some of this and you will get biggerrr.



  • AsTiger - Game Designer & Gunner
  • Denior - Environment Artist & Boatswain
  • Hisokan - Effects Master & Helmsman
  • JusGoat - Level Designer & Weapon master
  • KarstSkarn - Lua officer & Carpenter
  • Rainarten - UI Designer & Official of defeat
  • Unairf - Grumet & Lua master

PLAY NOW: Crayta



Ahoy, pirates! Today we’re presenting the new update which includes several fixes and improvements thanks to all the feedback we received


:octopus: Changed the design of the cannons so that each team has a unique cannon.

:car: Changed the visual design of the game to make it look more spectacular on each map.

:pineapple: New sounds and effects.

:soccer: Changed the HUB to clearly explain how to play the game and teach the controls.

:video_game: Redesigned the UI images for each map.


Urban :office:
New map based on street football where you can show your best tricks.

Kingdoms :european_castle:
New map based on ancient kingdoms where control of the land was fought for between wizards and knights by scoring a goal against the opposing team. As always, if you have any feedback let us know!

Click to play: Crayta