Cannot edit leaderboards set to "private for testing only"

Everything is grayed out on the companion site for leaderboards set to “private or testing only”

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to companion site in a game with private leaderboards and select one.

Platform: PC / Stadia
Crayta username: mochi
Game seen in: Evoxel / Space runner
Time + date seen:
(PC only) hardware specs:

Bug added

Oh wait, is editing only in game now?
If so, would still be nice to be able to view the contents of private leaderboards on the companion site.

Ah good point, yes I think they’re only editable in-game now. I’ll check on this. You should be able to view the contents of leaderboards on the companion site though? I can see the contents of mine (which are public - are you saying just for private ones, you can’t see them on companion site?)

Yeah, private ones have been missing for a while. Only raised the issue on discord and not officially in forum before because I could work around it by toggling to public for a sec.