Cannot look in certain directions at times

I have been experiencing this for about a week now.: In both Play and Create modes, while playing on a Chromebook (mouse and keyboard) I am unable to change the direction my camera/character is facing. It is as if there are invisible walls blocking me from turning. Attached is a link to a Reddit post which has a video of my situation.

This happens with the trackpad and an external mouse. If I plug in a Stadia controller, the controller has no issues, however, the trackpad and mouse still get hung up on the same spot.

Here is the link to the video:

I’ll raise this with the team but I’ve not seen this before so there’s a chance it’s on your end! Thanks for the feedback and we’ll investigate anyway!

@QA_Rob I believe this is a Stadia problem and not a Crayta problem. After deeper analysis and recreating the issue a few hundred times, I have found that these “invisible walls” appear to be at the same spot where my mouse cursor would be had I been browsing the internet normally. In other words, it seems like my mouse is actually moving the cursor in the background so when it reaches the edge of the screen (even though we can’t see it), it can’t move that direction any further.

I know this next part is not your responsibility, but do you have any way to explain this better so I can report the issue to Stadia? Is there a technical term for the “edge of your monitor” or anything that would make this problem easier to explain?