Can't Delete Packages

I’m trying to delete a package that I downloaded from the community tab, but when hitting the delete button, nothing appears. I tried this is two different games and I was able to delete one package, but unable to delete any others after that. The problem seems to affect all packages.

I tried quitting Crayta and playing another game for a while, then quit Stadia completely. When I came back an hour later, the problem persisted. After just testing a little more, it appears that the problem occurs after trying to delete one specific package. I’m able to delete other packages just fine, but once I try to delete that one package, I’m unable to delete others.

As an additional note, I just went into the community tab and tried downloading a script which caused the delete prompts to appear and the package was successfully deleted, but only when trying to download a new one.

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I had basically the same experience.

Hi there! Sorry to hear about your trouble deleting packages. Would you be able to tell me which specific package is causing this? (If I understood you correctly)


Inter-World Door Teleporter and World Teleport With Multitarget by @Scopique who might have additional helpful information.

Hi @RaucousRaptor, this is a known issue atm where after a random number of package deletions the button stops working on that game instance, I can confirm that next patch (coming soon!) has a fix for the issue so you’ll just have to sit tight and delete them when the patch reaches you!
Thanks for the report!

Awesome! Looking forward to the patch, and looking forward to not having to actually wait for the patch to download and install!