Canyon Miners major update!

Hi all.

Canyon Miners: Tycoon - out now :

I’ve just updated a game made on stream several weeks ago now ( with more mechanics and fleshed out game play.

Canyon Miners is a western tycoon game set in a small town where not everything is as it seems!

Leave any feedback and bugs here!


Love it! Already spent way too much time in this game trying to find all the secrets :joy:


I’m enjoying the game, thank you for making it. Wish I could figure out how to obtain the final cube I (think) I need.

As for bugs, I seem to get stuck in the windmills when I purchase them! Some Collectors stop displaying the time remaining .

I think the cubes are purchasable roughly 8 hours apart so it’s probably going to be in the middle of the night. If you tell me which color you need I can probably give you a rough estimate as to what time it’ll show up (in pst)

Is it that simple? I had thought that may be the case but given I’ve logged in at every different point of the day I gave up on that. I’ve even logged in and seen no “Buy” tab in the store sometimes. I began to assume there was a set of operations that needed to be done to get the cubes…such as having a certain amount of resources to sell. I even thought that for the green cube I had to do something with the green Skull in the water, or the glowing green rock etc.

The only cube I don’t have is the Orange cube. I’ve been trying to figure out any Easter Eggs or secrets.

Yeah, it should be, I believe each cube has ~4 hours of being in store, with ~4 hours of nothing to buy in between each one. The red/orange cube was the hardest for me to get. I believe it comes around 02:00 pst.

Nice to see you’re enjoying it @Zeez. I’m hoping to get into the next phase of the game at some point. To help, what I’ve done is adjusted the shop to make all of the fragments available at all times. So jump in, grab the keys and find the secrets. I’m happy at this point for anything you find to be shared so everyone can get up to speed with what’s going on :partying_face:

Thank you for doing that.

I don’t know if I have anything beneficial to add when it comes to secrets!.. I know where things are but don’t know what they mean (or if they mean anything; I could be looking at a curiosity and thinking it is relevant).

I was hopeful that I had cracked the code for the door by looking at the Obelisk pattern but didn’t succeed.
Negative space: 5 - 7 - 3 - 4
Positive Sspace: 4 - 2 - 6 - 5
4 picks with 9 potentials leads to 3,024 permutations. I’ve been trying to see if I can derive a pattern from the timing of the Collectors to the number of collectors, the number of collectibles, the number of potential players etc but am not succeeding.

Trying to find the relevance of the “crop circles” and not finding anything that doesn’t repeat a number whereas the keypad cannot accept a repeated number.

If I could make a suggestion it would be to keep things difficult and mysterious but specify the parameters a bit better. The notes left behind for us to read indicated that collecting resources was important to unlocking the door but if Mochi was correct we only needed to log in at the right times to buy the color cubes. Now, the cubes are always available if you have the cash, so the clue is extra misleading. It’s difficult to know what is a clue and what is a curiosity/Easter Egg. The Green Skull in the water, for example: is interactivity possible in the game or not?

Thanks again

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The vault was shut until total currencies collected by all members reached ~10mil. The crop circles is what’s needed for the door.
Answer below:

You need to combine the two and overlay them on top of each other then follow the dots for the numbers you need to press: answer below

once you’re in, you used to see the counter for how much the total count was at, now it just says “Vault is open!”

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also green skull is just what russD includes in any game with water, so no interactivity

btw, if you join the Crayta discord I’m a bit more responsive there and would like a fellow easter egg detective :wink:

I’m quite new to this game, I’ve found 2 vaults and the crop circles with view to the space ship.
Just have a few questions if anyone could help me:

What do the windmills and camp fire you build do?

And where is the door that opens and closes when you press Y, I’ve looked all over and can’t find it. (this seems to have been a bug, logged out and back in and doesn’t do anymore)

Hi Mochi, thanks for your hint which confirmed my suspicion. I had to wait until I was ready to “level up” as it didn’t make sense to purchase the cubes until I was ready to move on. In the end the answer was simpler than I had made it out to be (I keep making my life more difficult than it needs to be) and gained access, thanks!

Having done that and reached the next Prestige level I don’t know if I will continue the grind.

Jimmy90 I think that the door sound you are hearing is a bug. The Windmills and Camp Fire do not have a function that I’ve discovered, though I did waste a considerable amount of time trying to cook Fish, Corn, change the color of my initial Cube …light the smoldering camp fire…check for timing with the sunrise… a lot of time.

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Love how you’ve been creative with the campfire. Can’t say that I have done better time management. Still staying at Level 0 as leveling up does not seem to unlock anything (is that true?)

And good to see you again~!

I don’t know if I’m being creative or just crazy. Either way, I’m thankful there is a forum, a thread and helpful posts from friendly players.

As far as I can tell, currently the only benefit to leveling up is entering the the Prestige board. There are a number of us who strongly benefited from the 3x Pumpkin values during the Halloween period but I think a good example of a regular climb would be Wulvyrn. You can see that while they’ve attained Prestige 3 they’re not high up on the total or total collections boards, whereas others of us either benefited from the pumpkins () or didn’t level up immediately ($ and collections).

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I almost quit playing the game if it were not for doing these funky dances and nice interactions with you and other players. And who is Ojey? He/she seems to run faster than everyone else?!

Now that I lost all my money and mines after getting to Level 1, I guess the fun is renewed…

you can run faster if you get the key stone fragments from the store and visit the secret vault

New update!

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… now that I’m ready to hit Prestige 5 I have to reconsider. Life was more simple yesterday!

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I’m playing Canyon Miners, and I found a secret door. Can someone tell me the code?