Carnival Games - BuildABase Submission

EGS Name: IAmAbe
Contributors: Just me.
Package Names:
Basketball Arcade
Baseball Throw Carnival Game

Package Description: These are a couple carnival games that are currently unscripted, due to me not yet knowing a lot of the scripting aspects of the game.

Installation instructions
For the Basketball Arcade, drag the template into the world and set it into an appropriate place. Apply the RotateAndMoveScript to the BasketBallNet mesh, and set the following values:
Movement End = 150
Bounce = Yes
Bounce Pause = 1
Mode = EaseInOut

The speed is modifiable depending on preference. I have included triggers above and below the net for modification of when the ball would properly register a point, for anyone so inclined to script this into a working asset.
I have also included a scoreboard at the top that could be scripted in using coding in Lua. (It appears that another BuildABase submission possibly includes programming that could be used on this as well.)

For the Baseball Throw Carnival Game, just click and drag the template into the world. I believe the only thing necessary to get this working would be a Grab and Throw script, which I haven’t yet figured out. This could also be modified to add points and a reset option in the future.