Champions of Crayta (WIP)

Welcome to The Champions of Crayta forum post!!!
This is a WIP game and there’s some general issues that I’m working on but this is more of a showcase of what is possible with Crayta.

Right now you will be loaded in but there is only 1 character type, but read on if you want that to change!

a few helpful things:
You can direct your aim by pressing Secondary input (LT on gamepad, right mouse on MnK) which will fix your direction to a multiple of 90 degrees.
Additionally you hold G or Up on DPAD for 5 seconds to return to base. Sometimes the character can get “stuck” due to something with the usage of NPCs that I did but returning to base will fix it.

The Game works by having your team defeat 3 shield nodes and then a reactor in order to win.

Champions of Crayta is a MOBA type game with a unique, crayta inspired twist.

In CoC you take control of Champions from all across the realm of Crayta who have abilities of all kinds, usually centered around a certain theme. Battle in a 5v5 arena to be the first team to destroy the other’s Reactor Core, but first you must destroy the shield node towers. Use your Champions unique abilities to defeat enemy bots and players and prove yourself the true Champion of Crayta.

Since this is made for the 2022 Mega Jam with the theme “Champions” I really wanted to look at what makes the people in OUR community champions. Just as Champions in game and real life have unique abilities we all have our own unique abilities and I wanted to make a game that was more than just a game, but a way to help grow Crayta through individual expression. Throughout the community there are a large variety of types of users from people who play the game all the way to those who create the game and a vast level range when it comes to creators of the games themselves, so I wanted to be able to shine some light on all 3!
Besides being a MOBA with some unique mechanics for the genre, Champions of Crayta will be more than just a game designed by a few people, but rather be a living breathing experience where players and creators have an opportunity to get involved.

You see, In CoC, there are “Champions” (the characters that you will be able to play as) which include several launch characters (check out the game for more info on those!) but I am also extending the opportunity to have people submit their OWN Champion. However, this isn’t simply a call for people to code for me but rather I will be providing the necessary resources (via the Community Packages) that will allow creators of all skill levels to successfully build their own Champion to be integrated into the game. There will be of course, certain requirements and checks/balances that will be made to ensure a fun and competitive game environment and more details will be provided in the coming weeks along with the necessary package to build your character. Not too code savvy? don’t worry I have created an easy to use system that I will always be improving that will allow for basic mode users to also get involved.

Along with submitting your own Champion, I also have plans for map submissions, as well as other in game submissions that I will open up as the game grows.

This way we can all be Champions of Crayta!