Character details not loading

Hello, I have joined Cratya for the first time with a Share Link, what happened is that I was sent to the character creations, but nothing changed whatever I selected, I had everytime the same “checkered” character, without eyes.
then In game the only thing visible are the head (empty) and a sort of bracelet, but all the other things are invisible, I also tried an outfit but only the outfit stay visible.

If I go into the skin color selection I have no options, same for the eyes.

If you need a Check my account is HatDroid on Stadia

Are you running with the Premium version? We had an issue when the game first released where the wrong version was available in the store and this was one of the bugs that was associated with that issue. Please check the Stadia store for “Crayta: Premium Edition” as you may need to claim that version!

(If not, and you are running premium, please post here and we’ll look into it further!)

Yes, I’m running on the Premium version, the ShareLink was opened directly after I reedem the Premium version, but at first I have installed only the wrong version.

However, the bug is still present on the Premium Edition for my account

I’ve the same issue, running Crayta: Premium Edition, joined by Share Link no character details like skin and eye color.

Hey Jover,
I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues with Character Customization.

We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating!