Charming Forge

Hello everyone!

Charming Forge Showcase Map.
[TAXI] Charming Forge

This map is a work in progress, made especially with immersive environments in mind.
We (me & co) will be using here to display working examples of the items we contribute
to community content in Crayta.

✦ Things to discover or do:

  • Did you see ‘Boots’ the fish?
  • Could you find clever ways to all over the houses hunting ducks?
  • Roast a marsh mellow?
  • Turn on candles?
  • Go see what the bees were up to on the potting table?
  • Find my ‘Nya was here’ graffiti near the potions shop?
  • Jump in the Forge’s Chimney?

Did you see and test the first CC demo on display
Lots of Lights Package by Mad-Eye
Scripts with 8 ready to use examples that active multiple effects, sounds
and lights on an object.
( CF ) Lots of Lights Package by Mad-Eye

I hope you will enjoy Charming Forge and find yourself drawn to it,
exploring and finding new things within the build.

:sunflower: Nya


So much a nice place to live there :slight_smile: Wonderful Nya :slight_smile:

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:blush: Thank you LC for visit & kind compliment!

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@Nya_Alchemi This looks awesome!

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Thank you so much Iceland! :heart_hands: