You have to pass this test, but you didn’t study! Look at the smart kid’s tests to get the answers – but don’t get caught!

Cheater is a 4 player arcade game where players compete to be the first to cheat all of the answers on a test. Be wary of the roaming teacher, if she catches on to you, you’ll be out.

If there’s no way out, stay at your desk to avoid suspicion. Otherwise, stay out of her sight.

Made for the Harrowing High Battle Pass release.

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  • Fixed a bug where joining an existing game would erroneously enter spectate mode
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a game would fail to leave the game
  • Fixed a bug where the lobby would show all connected players, rather than the players that were in the lobby
  • Added a 30s lobby on the initial launch of the game, to ensure groups can play together