ChunkyLoverMark - Build A Base Entry

Stadia Name: ChunkyLoverMark
Contributors: ChunkyLoverMark
Package Name: ChunkyLoverMark - Build A Base Entry
Package Description: A stealth level, a barn and a Leisure Centre
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Here we go, so for my submission I went with a super secret private leisure centre that you have to fight with robots with guns and ducks with swords to get too. The reward is a fully playable game of football with anyone that makes it alive.

I’ve used quite a few scripts with this, Andys Stealth package, Andys Animated ducks package, Mightys move script, Door multiplayer, Playing Scripts, Camera Swapper, Reset Entity Script and the official packages for Auto Respawn, Death Collision & Health.

So the player can kick the ball into the goal and the ball will reset into the middle, also you can move need the computer and see the ducks attacking players in the previous room.

The player needs setting up like this:

And the user like this

You can play a test of the game right here: Crayta