Classic Prop Hunt

Just released my first game (developed and designed by me).

You can convert in almost any object, more than one hunter (1 hunter every 5 players), taunt the hunters, use different weapons as a hunter (pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket launcher), …
I hope you enjoy the game and leave any feedback!

Thank you all!


This is great! Love the classic GMod rules - we spent a while walking around this car in the garage with no collision assuming we’d found a bug, until it barked at us and ran away.

Great work!


Hahahaha that prop hold his position while you were running around him and even taunted you!

A really funny situation

Updated the game to version 1.0! New map added and some ui tweaks too. Maps will change every 3 rounds.
I have already an idea for the next map, will start to design it after holidays in a few weeks. :grin:

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New map is great! I love the secret doors to the crypt below, and turning into a fully-laden sacrificial altar and jumping around is hilarious

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Thank you again!
I was going to start the new map in a few weeks… But I’m so addicted to creating maps that I have already started with it :joy:
Leaving some screenshots :yum:

A tumbleweed would be awesome to have as a mesh, I will have to request it

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New map published. Now for real, no more maps until I get back home :joy: