Click events with controllers do not work on World Widgets, while they work with a mouse

I’m using a very simple UI Widget (based on the one that is created by default), and I set it of type = “World”.

If I use the mouse to do a “click” event on the button, it works.

If I use the Stadia controller to do a “Click” event on the button, it does not work. Event is not captured.

I attach two screenshots:

  • Relevant portion of the code of the UI Widget.
  • How I use the button, and how it shows the logs, but only for the mouse. Those are shown only when click is pressed with the mouse, not with the controller.

Is this a bug?

Is there any insight on here? It’s important for me to know so it might force me to change all the lockpads in my game… Thanks!

It seems like world widgets don’t support cursor input or controller input.
If i make a world widget and leftclick a button with the crosshair on it, it triggers. If i play on a controller, it doesn’t work.