cMenu - Inventory

cMenuInventory implements a cMenu to view the contents of a player’s inventory.

Additionally, cMenuInventory provides an expanded itemSpecScript that allows defining a description for an item, allowing an item to be dropped, examined, or used.

You can reposition the inventory window by clicking and dragging on the title bar.
You can view additional information about the item in your inventory by hovering your mouse over the item.


  • If you haven’t already, drag the cMenu template on to the player
  • Drag the cMenu - Inventory template on to the cMenu script folder
  • Optionally, drag the cMenu - Notifications template on to the cMenu script folder


By default, the cMenu - Inventory package will “just work” with the default inventory setup. However, we provide some additional functionality:

To expand on the inventory functionality:

  • Add the cMenuInventoryItemSpecScript to any item you wish to provide expanded options for.
  • To add a non-asset icon, set the ironUrl property to the url of an uploaded asset
  • To add a description to an item, fill out the description property.
  • If you want an item to be droppable, enable the droppable property
  • If you want an item to be examinable, enable the examinable property and fill out the examineText property.
  • If you want an item to be usable, enable the usable property, and assign events to the onUse event

Enabling the droppable, usable, or examinable properties add items to the right click menu of the inventory window. Simply hover your mouse over an item and right click, you will be presented with the available options.

Examining an item will add a notification using the crayta Notification package of your examine text.

Dropping an item will drop all of the item you have selected.

Using an item will call all of the onUse events with the user that’s using the item.

  • Added a close button to the widget
  • Replaced the Notification dependency with cMenu - Notifications
  • Check the world for an entityCacheScript. If it exists, checks if the item being used already exists instead of spawning a new one.
    • If the cache exists but the entity doesn’t, it will still spawn a new one
    • If the cache doesn’t exist, it will operate as normal
  • Colors are now configurable via widget properties