cMenu - Menu System

cMenu is a menu system that dependent packages utilize. It records and tracks all cMenuOptionScripts registered on the entity, and allows enabling/disabling the cursor using extra5.

Whenever a cMenuOptionScript is added to the entity, a new icon option will appear on the bottom right of the screen. Pressing extra5, then clicking on any of these icons will open the appropriate menu.


  • cMenuScript
  • cMenuOptionScript

Any package that create a menu option for cMenu must include a cMenuOptionScript.
The cMenuOptionScript defines the fontawesome icon to use for the menu bar, the name of the menu, and the widget that’s associated with the menu.


cMenu - Inventory
cMenu - Quests - Package Guides - Crayta

  • Added a displayMenu property to cMenuScript
  • Added a enablCursorOnButtonPress property to cMenuScript
  • added a cursorEnableButton property to cMenuScript
  • Added a showInstructions property to cMenuScript
  • Added a openOnButtonPress property to cMenuOptionScript
  • Added a buttonToOpen property to cMenuOptionScript

These properties allow you to disable to cursor interim before opening a menu, but opening it directly with a button press.

  • Fixed an issue where having multiple menus would add a scroll to the widget
  • Added an onClose event to cMenuOptions that will fire when the widget closes
  • If you close the last open window, the cursor will now auto disable
  • Closing a window via the bottom bar will now call HideMenuOption() instead of ToggleVisibility()
  • Colors are now configurable via widget properties
  • Added new property “overrideColors”. When checked, colors set on cMenu will be applied to all cMenu widgets