cMenu - Quests

This is the sister package of Cereal’s Quest System - Package Guides - Crayta

Installing this package will also install the Quest System package.


  • Install the cMenu - Quests package
  • If you haven’t installed a cMenu package before, add the cMenu template to the player
  • Add the cMenu - Quests template to the cMenu script folder on the player

That’s actually it. It uses the Quest System package’s data and displays a UI using the cMenu system. You can press B to toggle your cursor to press on the quests menu button to open the widget.

Note: You can change the name of the widget in the widget properties. I would recommend “Achievements”, or similar.

  • The date in the recently completed section now displays in a readable format
  • You can now track quests. Navigate to the quest you want to track and click the “Track” button
  • Tracked quests will now appear in the top right of the screen
  • Clicking on a tracked quest will open the quest widget to the selected quest
  • Quest rewards can be claimed via a unique UI now. Click on the shaking treasure chest to view the loot awarded, and claim from there.
  • Added a sub-list when navigating through the quest list
  • Adding quests to the tracker that aren’t “end” quests (eg. a quest with a series of steps) will now properly navigate to the new sublist when clicked.

  • Colors are now configurable via widget properties