Co-op Minesweeper

Play link:

I’m a big fan of minesweeper. I made this game, so people could play together cooperatively.

Big thanks to all the package creators for allowing me to slap the game together fairly quickly.

  • NUI splash screen
  • Axe
  • Inventory
  • Game
  • Time Widget
  • P2P Scoreboard
  • NUI leaderboard
  • Help
  • Music Controller
  • Scoreboard
  • Prompts
  • Simple Image

Opening this thread to track feedback and bugs.

1.1 - 8/10/20:

  • [feature] expand surrounding on secondary action.

1.2 - 8/11/20:

  • [bug fix]: secondary action doesn’t reveal bombs, which allows player to safely expand as a cheat.
  • [bug fix]: games are based on the same random seed.

1.3 - 8/15/20:

  • [feature]: add beginner and intermediate mode
  • [feature]: add user input prompts
  • [feature]: instead of setting player dead after hitting a bomb, player gets a sad face, and can still walk around.
  • [bug fix]: when all flags are placed, the next game doesn’t have flag anymore
  • [bug fix]: player beginning position isn’t exactly in the center of a block

1.4 - 8/16/20:

  • [bug fix]: unflag action removed flag from inventory rather than adding it back

1.5 - 8/26/20:

  • [feature]: add chat function

1.6 - 9/5/20:

  • [bug fix]: update chat wheel to display bigger in 4K.

This is awesome! :smiley: Only minor feedback I can think of right now is to maybe give some more functionality to the spectator, because when you die you could end up just watching for 10+ minutes as your team-mates try and finish it. Maybe check out the message feature when spectating in CrayBomber, so you can perhaps send quick messages like “There’s a bomb there!” etc.

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This works really well, great work!
Also thanks for crediting the packages you used in this, glad a couple of mine could help!

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That’s a great idea! Make the spectator a ghost, who can’t interact with the environment but can walk around, and a chat system to communicate simple but useful things like – do you think this is a bomb, yes, no, etc.

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Thanks for creating them! They saved me a ton of time, and I would never have thought about implementing some of them in the way they did.

Really love the game! For me the only issue I have sometimes is that it’s hard to control where you plant a flag. I would need to run back and forth a few times to get the flag marker where I want it, or it occasionally skips a tile and I have to reposition. Neither of those are huge problems, it would just help make the game feel smoother :slight_smile:.
What might help for new players would be to include an explanation of the controls, e.g. left click to mark bombs.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely add the list of controls to the screen. Regarding making the control more smooth, I’m struggling to optimize it. I may have to ask around if there’s a better way to trigger actions based on joystick directions. Currently, I’m just guessing the joystick direction by using player’s facing direction, which usually lags behind the player’s input…