Collection Game Template Scheduled

Pickups Scheduled by Template

Pickup Scheduler Template README

  1. Features:
  • Collection game:
    • modification for multiple pickup groups
    • blueprint name: Collection Game: Template Scheduled
  • scheduler targets selected template
  • identified by pickupSpawnerScript
    • vice a hard code of pickupSpawnerScript
    • used if the script was named something else
  1. Install
  • note:
    • for each template to be tracked
    • there must be a scheduler to track them
  • add pickupSchedulerTemplateScript to gameController
  • modify fields listed below
  • remove old pickupSchedulerScript
  1. gameController gameScript
  • modify On Round Start
  • modify On Round End
  • change:
    • Script to pickupSchedulerTemplateScript
    • on both Start and End
  1. Pickup Script
  • vice a hard code of the pickupSpawnerScript
  • flexible if pickupSpawnerScript is unique
  • select the pickupSpawnerScript on template
  1. Use All Pickups
  • this will use all items with Pickup Script attached
  • template targeting will be ignored (hidden)
  1. Use Template
  • select the template of the item
  • unique for each scheduler
  1. Notes
  • package may not contain all items
  • collection game has many dependicies
  • designed as modification:
    • to the existing basic collection game
    • just one replacement script