Package Name: (Vilva) Collectopedia
Creator: Vilva#9953

Keeps track of which items each user has found in your game and how many of them.

  • Install the official Inventory package
  • Optional: Install the official Prompts package
  • Install the package: (Vilva) Collectopedia
  • Drop the “CollectopediaUser” template on your User template
  • Click on “CollectopediaUser” and scroll down on the “CollectopediaUserScript” until you find the “CollectableItems” property
  • Insert all the inventory item templates that you want to be tracked by the package. The order here is important since that is the order of how items are displayed in the widget

The package includes an extended inventory script. If you are already using the Inventory package in your game, you need to delete the “UserInventory” folder on the User template and use the one provided by the Collectopedia package. It still includes all the basic functionality and won’t break anything.

Items need to have the “inventoryItemSpecScript” and they need to have the properties “friendlyName” and “iconAsset”. “friendlyName” must be unique.

  • The widget is based on the “cMenu - Inventory” package by Cereal

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to me (Vilva#5980) in the Crayta Discord :slight_smile: