Collide & Collapse the hierarchy


At the moment, in the hierarchy, with have the possibility to collapase and collide a parent by clicking on the little arrow on its side. But if you have a very lot of groups, parents and such, it’s getting very time consumming to collide all of these one by one.

Would be nice to have an arrow or button outside of the hierarchy but that is collapsing or colliding the entire hiereachy and every parents, groups at once.

Collapse Hierarchy

All the hierarchy is deployed, each parent, group is collapsed

Collide Hierarchy

All the hierarchy is cleaned, each parent, group is collided

Note that I didn’t find any other word than collapsed/collide but I hope you got what I meant.


In Chrome dev tools there is a trick for this which might be useful: If you hold CTRL (I believe) while clicking on the arrow it automatically expands/collapses the selected item and all of it’s children. Personally I think that would be a reasonable solution/pattern to add to Crayta as well.

Up for this :slight_smile: