Color render issue (EGS Install)

Sometime between 7am CST and 7:00pm CST the colors on my Epic Crayta game are out of normal ranges. White colors look pink/purple - everything has a red overtone to it. I have reinstalled my graphics drivers (restarted), reinstalled crayta from the EGS and tried every setting in the Crayta options (including the accessibility color blind modes and resetting everything to default). This only happens in Crayta desktop installation. Stadia looks fine, other local game installations look fine and video card works perfectly on other games. It worked just fine this morning on Crayta at 7am.
Screenshot for reference:

I don’t know if it’s related but I cannot go into windowed mode at all as well.

Steps to reproduce:
Opening the game locally. All maps/areas and even load screen are affected. High contrast with red/purple skew.

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Platform: PC
Crayta username: DryCoast
Game seen in: All, including hub
Time + date seen: 1:02am GMT (now)
(PC only) hardware specs:
Intel Core i7-10700K
Acer monitor
64 bit Windows 10
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER (with latest driver installation)

This has since been fixed:

“Last night Daigoro figured out my weird color problem that starting happening a few days ago. As it turns out, my monitor/windows has HDR settings turned on but Crayta doesn’t seem to work with it. This happened at the same time that the patch enabled HDR settings. Turning off HDR settings before playing Crayta fixes this problem. Thanks again Daigorō”