Colour Swatches and Themes

Colour Swatches and Themes

Colour swatches and themes is a package to help creators with colour coherence, whether that’s creating UI, Lighting or building worlds via the new primitive shapes feature.

Part of the package is 12 colour cards based around seasons, feelings and Warmth

This package will be forever expanding so keep a look out for more themes and feel free to leave a comment if you find this useful or would like to request a theme to be added.

How to use this package and reasons for using it


The sole purpose of this package is to help add some coherence across all colour schemes when creating a world, UI or even just lighting. Each card has 5 swatches, each with its own Hex/RGB code that you can easily copy and paste into your widgets, lighting or shapes.

To begin, look for Color Swatches and Themes in the community tab

Install Package, and head over to the templates tab

Drag the template into the world and find the theme that best appeals to your game type or style

From here you can remove all the ones you dont need, leaving the theme or themes you do want in the world

Personally, i like to then mesh scale these up, so i always have a reference point when planning or designing assets, this can be done by selecting everything under the parent locator and mesh scaling up.

To create with these colors, just add a shape to the world, open the properties on the swatch you like, open the color tab and copy the hex using ctrl+C

Finally open the properties on your shape, open color and paste (Ctrl+V) the hex code to change the shape color to your new style, the same applies for lighting, for UI, you generally find this in the widget CSS, and in some cases will require the RGB, that can also be found via the color properties on the swatch

Overtime this package will be expanded, for now, i hope you find some use from this and please share any design work you have done using these swatches via the Crayta Discord

Thank you and happy creating