Community Vote (Science Fair)

Science fairs are about judging and scoring to select a winner so I decided to make a versatile package that allows you to run global counter polls.

The goal of this package is to improve your game based on player feedback. Pose any amount of questions with multiple choice options to poll your player base globally using counters. This is great for asking the player base what they would like to see next or changed or even polling based on difficulty or whether they understood parts of your game. You can even use this package to give the player base a voice on what they want you to do next. The set up is simple:


  1. Install the “Community Vote” package by DryCoast
  2. Drag the “CommunityVote_User” to your user template.
  3. Drag the CommunityVoteResults anywhere in your world where you would like to display the results. You can put this in an area only you know about if you want to keep it private.

Changing the questions:
To change the default questions:
Navigate to User → User_CommunityVote → Questions:


Question: The question you would like to ask your players.
Question ID: A unique number to serve as the question identifier. Must be different for each question in this folder.
Answers: An array of choices for your players to choose from.

Here you will find the premade questions and answers. You can edit these in the property window.


You can add or remove communityQuestionScripts to this folder to your desired amount of questions.

To add a new question: Simply right click the folder, choose Add, Script, communityQuestionScript


To delete a question: Click on the menu next to the script and delete it.


Once you have selected your questions and answers, click on the parent folder “user_CommunityVote” and type todays date in six digit format. i.e. 161022 in any format that is comfortable for you. This number is used to generate a unique ID for this question set so that previous results will not be included in the new or changed questions. You can use any number you like, I just found it easy to use the date as you cannot accidentally reuse an old number. Unless someone discovered time travel at the science fair.


Now drop a “CommunityQuestionTriggerTemplate” where you would like to ask one or many of the questions.

This is the area that the player will have to go to in order to answer questions.

Click on the questionTriggerTemplate and choose the questionID(s) that you’d like to ask your player.

Once the player crosses this threshold, if they have not answered this question before, they will be asked that question. If they have already answered this question, nothing will happen as they can only vote once.

Enabling this will allow a player to vote multiple times. This is mostly used for testing but will be incorporated as a feature.