Connection timeout - server missing for 60 seconds

this has happened twice tonight. lost about 15 or so minutes work, each time. scripts save which is very nice.

my typical work flow has been to use the 1st landing as hub to other worlds with themes such as jungle, japan, pandora. i also use the first area for experimenting templates if they require a lot of work before placing in one of the worlds.

is this normal for the connection to server to just drop? or should i go back every 10min to keep it active?

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It is not normal for this to happen, normally that message appears when a server is on it’s way out due to an infinite loop or overburdening (such as spawning a large amount of meshes all at once) so this is likely to be an issue with something in-game. If you want to provide us with a link to your game or more information we might be able to get to the bottom of it!

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i deleted that sub world. if it happens again, i’ll keep the sub world and open a new ticket or should i reply to this ticket for continuity sakes?

back to breaking other stuff. technically, i’m trying to learn the most efficient and non-breaking way to build things.

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I’d say open a new ticket! Yes I will raise this with the team and see if we can put together a guide for best practice on performance.