Containers, crates and chests [Treasure Hunt Jam]

Creator: Tumbak7
Package Name: Containers crates and chests
Package Description: Usable containers such as crates, boxes, lockers… with different themes. Can be opened and closed. Drag and drop for many different types of games.

It includes 27 containers templates ready to drag and rop for many different types of games.

I have focused in make it hightly light on entities, trying to not sacrifice much the looks.

Showcase: There is also a showcase with all the templates set and also with info texts.

Showcase link: Crayta

Installation instructions

-Install the package “Containers and chests”
-All templates will appear on your list as “ts”, that way you can identify it easily.
-Drag and drop the templates into your map. You can move it using the “locator” (it is the parent of every template).
-Nothing else!

Using the package

-You can open and close the containers. play and add the loot you want inside, there are many useful loot packages.
-Probably it is cool to use it with “Prompt script”, usually it is already installed in most of the blueprints and remixables.

Some advices

-In the “voxelish” containers you can change the voxel texture and make it as you want, maaaany possibilities. You don’t want to use the stoned ark? No problem. Retexture it and you will have a new one in a couple of clics.
-For retexturing the voxel ones, I recommend you to unlink the template, duplicate it.
-It is possible to resize the “meshed” containers but you will have to change some numbers of the MightyAnimation script and make a couple of repositioning.

Packages used

-Mighty Animations by Mightykho, ofc
-“Door script” by Tumbak7

Some pictures

Postjam update

-Added 4 new containers (woodshell, ark temple, chest 2 and metal crate 3).


that is amazing , how do you did that :grin:

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With patience :smiley:

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yes , for me Patience is the second name of an artist :ok_hand:t5:

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