Controllable Boat with Physics

Package Name: Controllable Boat With Physics
Crayta IGN: MechanizedIT

This package contains a controllable boat with sails and rudder that can be used to create controllable boats with physics in your games.

Use the prompts package from Crayta to see the rudder and sail controls. Without it Controls are:
Sail - ‘Q’ and ‘E’ to rotate, ‘Primary’ to lower, 'Secondary to raise
Rudder - ‘Q’ and ‘E’ to rotate

Check out the README for a reference on how to use this package and create your own boats.

Message MechanizedIT on Crayta Discord with any questions or comments about this package.



I’ve just been checking this out as it looks awesome. I’m getting an error though in the BoatController script as it’s unable to find the WaterHeight script in the world but it doesn’t look like the package contains that script. Is that something you need to add?

On a side note you can add a property type of scriptasset and search by that in the FindScript method. It’ll be faster and more efficient than searching by the name of the script. So this instead…

self.waterHeightScript =

Hope this helps!

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Ah, I updated it a week or so a go and I didn’t note that I made that change regarding the water height script. It is actually a part of my Wavy Water package and I forgot to put it as a dependency and update the README accordingly.

So you are saying if the script is in the world, I can search based on the scriptasset instead? I don’t think I knew that, thanks.

I’ve updated the package to work with or without that script now with an option to set the water height level for the world instead. Be sure to check the README to
set it up correctly as there is also a script that needs to go on the player, and a wind script that needs to be in the world.

Thanks for the feedback and letting me know it wasn’t working properly!