Controllable Remote Turret (Joachim)

:man_technologist:t5:Author: Joachim Samaké

:studio_microphone:Package 's Name: Controllable Remote Turret (Joachim)

:man_teacher:t5: Package’s Description:

From the ChunkyLoverMark 's Request

“If you interact with one of these computers you can control a gun that’s attached to a camera. You can shoot at incoming enemy players without the risk of being shot yourself, The enemy player can also destroy out the gun turret by shooting it,
If the player interacts with a computer connected to destroyed turret then they’ll get an error message telling them the turret isn’t functional., Also the player should be able to destroy the computer so no one can interact with it”

:stop_sign: Installation :


:speech_balloon: Installation Tutorial video:

:eyes: 5 Use Cases:
# case 1 You can shoot at incoming enemy players without the risk of being shot yourself

# case 2 when you destroy the monitor, it is no longer usable

# case 3 when you destroy the turret, the monitor is no longer usable

# case 4 when you use the monitor and the enemy succeeds in destroying the turret, you will be disconnected automatically from the monitor and after it will be unusable. (therefore impossible to reconnect)

# case 5 when you use the monitor and the enemy manages to destroy the monitor in use, you will be automatically disconnected from the monitor and of course impossible to use it again

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This is amazing, thanks so much for sorting this out. Just been playing with this and it looks so powerful I love it.

Can I ask for a couple of tweaks please? You have controls for up and down but no verConstraint, could this be added? Also it would be cool to add the Post Process effect so we can have either the Film Grain or thermal effect.

Would these be possible please?


Hi Mark
it s possible but with another mesh as a center of the turret , because the current central mesh don’t have a good orientation by default.
(You can see rotation Zero on the screen but in reality the rotation is 0.90.0 , some mesh have this PBM

So I have to use maybe the red box (outer space) as Turret’s center.

anyway, i will add the vertical movement with a check button so if you want to use or not .

Color grading + post process no problem.

Yeah please, whatever you think looks best. Thanks alot :+1:

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Hi Mark, all good now, you can even kitbash a base for your turret but as the center of the turret responsible for movement it’s just the ‘hyperdrive’ and ‘spaceshipcrate’ meshes that are compatible (in the outer space category) for the Up-Down movement.

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This is awesome, thanks again man. Just wondering is anything there any built in function to make the console work, after it’s been blown up the next round? Also is anything supposed to show when the turret is damaged on either the turret or console?

if the console or turret is damaged there is fire and sound and the player is disconnected.

hum I did not think of a function to resuscitate in-game the damaged turret/console

Oh right, I’ve seen the fire on the console when you destroy the console, but I don’t see anything happen when you destroy the turret.