Controller cursor in advanced mode

crayta settings allow mapping of Toggle Editor Mode with Tab on keyboard.

tested map of L3 for controller, advanced mode is viewable using the controller only. navigation is not. is there any plans to add cursor control and scrolling up and down with R3?

script editing would not happen at this point.

it would allow controller only users access to change:

  • skydomeAsset
  • skyMesh
  • skyLayer
  • fog, etc.


have L3 bring up the world tab like X does when editing an entity. L3 isn’t mapped to anything in the basic editor.

note: L3 is mapped to delete items in the entity editor. this shouldn’t be an issue as B is used to close the entity editor.

thanks for reading this idea.

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Making world settings available to user on controllers is certainly something that we want to do, but I’m not sure that a ‘part-working’ advanced mode is the best solution for us.

I’ve taking this back to the team to have a think about though, and many thanks for the suggestion :+1: