Controls Tutorial

Controls Tutorial is a package that allows you to create your own in-game tutorials letting people know what buttons/controls they have to press:

- Install Controls Tutorial package from Packages tab.
- Drag & Drop User - Controls Tutorial folder into User template.
- Drag & Drop World - Show Controls Tutorial Trigger into the world tree (hierarchy).

	User - Controls Tutorial folder comes with a script and a widget where you can customize:
	- (Script) Whether it's listening for tutorials or not (listenInput property)
	- (Widget) Background image (backgroundImage property)
	- (Widget) Text size.

           World triggers come with two different scripts:
	- (delayEventScript) Used to call any event after a specified delay.
	- (showControlsTutorialScript) Here you can specify the message that will be displayed for the user (or everyone if you want) and a list of controls the player will be listening to. Messages should have the following structure:

Press <div class="controlContainer pressed" id="interact">{interact-icon}</div> to interact with doors and buttons

in order to display the following message in-game:

Press E to interact with doors and buttons

Basically you have to replace the letter with:
<div class="controlContainer pressed" id="YOURLETTER">{YOURLETTER-icon}</div>

The package comes with some examples!

    You can see the package in action in our Halloween game: