Cosmetics Item Shop

Stadia Name: Vilva#9953
Contributors: none
Package Name: (Vilva) Cosmetics Item Shop
Package Description: A package that let’s you buy and equip cosmetic items for your character. Items you buy are automatically persisted. You can also use it with items which give special abilities (like the JetPack package).

Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions

  • Place the “PlayerCosmeticsShop” template under your Player template.
  • Place the “UserCosmeticsShop” template under your User template.

How to use

  • I mapped multiple sockets to a common name to fit everything in the UI. For example “head”, “neck_01” and “neck_02” all count to “Head”.
  • You can only equip one item of each socket name.

How to customize

  • Edit the User template and go to “UserCosmeticsShop” → “CosmeticsShopConfig”. There are several script properties that you can change.

How to add more items to the shop

  • Clone one of the “CosmeticsItem” templates, e.g. “CosmeticsItemBackpack”.
  • The template entity must be a mesh and must have an instance of the script “CosmeticsItemConfig” attached. Configure the script properties like this:
    ** Id: Must be a unique string
    ** Icon Asset: To fill this property drag a mesh from the left side onto the property field
    ** Default Animation Name: Some meshes have multiple animations. For example look at the included template “CosmeticsItemBriefcaseWithCash”. To view all of them you can click on the button “Copy Animation Names” and paste it into a text editor. The “BriefcaseWithCash” starts with the animation “open”. To overwrite this I filled the “Default Animation Name” property with “closed”.
  • Edit the User template and go to “UserCosmeticsShop” → “CosmeticsShopConfig”. Add the new item template to the list property “Item Templates”.

How to fix item positioning

  • Unfortunately most meshes are not standardized. To look good on your character they often require some fine tuning. Therefore you have to do some trial and error and edit the script properties “Position Offset” and “Rotation” until it looks right.

Dependencies to other packages

  • Includes a modified version of the package “User Confirm Action”.
  • Requires the packages “Shop” and “Inventory”, since the Cosmetics Item Shop uses the default shop currency. Requires the User template to have an “UserInventory” set up.


  • Special thanks to Gill for finding out the right “Position Offsets” for the included meshes in his package “[GILL] - Character Fitting Room”.
  • Special thanks to Nomaki and Mochi for doing a mock up for the Shop UI.

Questions, feedback or feature requests?
Please ask in Discord - Vilva#5980