Costume Maker

Costume Maker v1.0


This package will allow you to build a costume and allow players to wear it by interacting with it. This package uses the new socket names. More sockets will be added once U2G releases them.

It comes with 2 templates:

The Costume Maker has 2 purposes: it helps you build a costume and it allows players to wear the costume you have made. It also contain an optional template that allows players to remove their currently equipped costume.

The Costume Maker:

Each socket has its own gizmo in the hierarchy to which you need to attach meshes and shapes in order to build your costume. Notice that the gizmos have been given the exact names of the new sockets. Don’t change these names as it is how the script recognizes the sockets.

By default, the gizmos are hidden when the game is running (by gizmos, I mean the wooden circus balls that serve as landmarks) , and the player model is hidden when a player wears the costume. You can uncheck these script properties if you wish for example to build a costume around the player character model without hiding it.

The Costume Remover:

The costume remover is a simple package that will allow players to remove their current costume by running through the gate. It is optional as costumes are removed when a player is respawned. There is a SFX property that you can change.

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