Countdown Timer Package

A simple timer (based on the official Timer Package) that counts down from a specified amount of time to zero. The timer can be set to start automatically or can be started/stopped using the included triggers. It also includes an Add Time Trigger (which adds time for any players who enter it), a built in “Kill player when timer reaches zero” option, and a customizable OnComplete event that fires when the timer reaches zero.

TO USE: Download the package and add the “User Countdown Timer” to your User template. Change the settings depending on what you want.

OPTIONS: Use the Start Timer Trigger and End Timer Trigger to start and stop the timer when the player reaches certain locations. If the “resetTimer” property is false on a Start Timer Trigger, it will resume where it left off.

Use the Add Time Trigger to add time to for any player that enters the trigger. Note: A player will be able to repeatedly enter the trigger to continuously add time so you’ll need to handle that use case (possibly by deactivating the trigger once the player reaches it or by putting it in a place they can only reach it once – like on a tall drop). You can also call the “AddTime” function externally and pass the amount of time to add – or subtract – as the only variable ( eg: user:SendToScripts("AddTime", 10) will add ten seconds to that user’s timer).

As always, if you have questions or feedback, find me on the official Discord forum. My name is ekelrock over there as well. Good luck!

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Thank you for this Package brother