[CRASH] 'Console' -> 'Performance' (Cursor visible) + E = Crashing Game

When I have the Console window open on the Performance tabs, the game seems to consistently crash/glitch if the E key is pressed. Only happens when the cursor is showing/active.

The E key seems to throw an Exception when Pressed.

Crash happens in Preview Mode as well as in Advanced Edit Mode.

Crash also happens when using the Controller button X. But only when Categories selection is active at the time of pressing X on the controller.

I don’t seem to be able to repro this, could you provide more information on the map you were editing when you saw this? I’ve raised it with the team so we will investigate, thanks for the report!

Strange, QA_Rob, it happens with any map I created, just open the console, switch to the performance tab en tap the E key for the stadia notification “your game had a glitch”. Just tried it again and the session got terminated instantly.